Alpha Station Games



+Trickster VR

Slay ogres with your sword or bow and arrow! Play campaign modes, or crush wave after wave of oncoming trolls. Available in single and multiplayer modes; teen audiences and up recommended. From Trickster Games.

+ Protonwar

Arena-style multiplayer combat with a variety of weapons, modes, and tactics. Take on your friends, or team up to destroy bots together in this immersive first-person shooter. From Outer Planet Studios.

+Loco Dojo

A great party game! Conquer this series of minigames, where you never know what will appear next. Race pigs, splatter seagulls, and stay on top of the mayhem in the competitive craziness of Loco Dojo. From Make Real.

+Rec Room

Rec Room has a variety of games to experience, such as paintball, disc golf, and dodgeball. Not available under age 13; online interaction is uncensored. Multiplayer is available at pre-booked stations. From Against Gravity.

+Drunkn Bar Fight

Exactly what it sounds like - enter the bar, start drinking, and get to swinging! Pretty much anything in the bar can be used to get even with your opponents. Available in single player and multiplayer modes. Mature audiences recommended. From The Munky.

+Hell Dimension VR

Horror, zombies, shotguns, and more! Check out this wave shooter on your own or with friends. Mature audiences recommended. From Subdream Studios.

Single Player

+Space Pirate Trainer

Dodge, shield, and blast your way through an alien invasion! Way better than Space Invaders. A great way to get used to staying within your chaperone bounds, because you’ll be dodging all over. From I-Illusions.

+Job Simulator

How will the future look back on jobs of today? Hopefully not quite like this...but it’s sure fun to imagine! A kids’ favorite. From Owlchemy Labs.

+Escape Bloody Mary

A horror experience - explore the room to discover clues to escape Bloody Mary before she gets to you first. Mature audiences recommended. From Well Told Entertainment.

+The Lab

Check out the variety of vignette experiences and games in The Lab. Play fetch with your robot dog on Mount Everest, defend your castle from invaders, and slingshot your way through a warehouse. Great for those up for a little exploration. From Valve.

+InMind VR

A short roller coaster ride through the human brain, utilizing only head movement. If you want to adjust to motion within VR and enjoy roller coasters, this is the thing to try. From

+Google Earth VR

Explore places you’ve always wanted to check out, or fly over your home and see what it looks like from above. Google Earth was revolutionary when it came out, and it’s even cooler in VR. From Google.

+Waltz of the Wizard

Create magic and control your surroundings in this immersive simulation. Behind your desk, you hold the ability to cast a variety of spells. Test combinations out: what can you discover? From Aldin Dynamics.

+Acan's Call: Act 1

Sword-fight skeletons & discover gems to escape the crypt in this exciting mini-quest from Cyberith GmbH.