Event Highlight: VR at You Are Here

Last weekend, we were invited to be a part of the opening party and all-nighter for the North Carolina Museum of Art's You Are Here exhibition. We had an amazing time immersing ourselves into the exhibits: first, we helped artists Britt Flood, Scott Renk, and Adam Peele perform in Google's Tilt Brush, and then we demoed Space Pirate Trainer to lots of attendees. Check out some highlights below! 


Don't forget, we're happy to bring VR to you if you have an event that we could augment. We're pretty flexible - get in touch and let us know what you're looking for.

Playthrough Gaming Convention

We had a great time demoing VR at the Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh last weekend, so this week we're sharing some of our favorite clips from it! Participants loved trying out Space Pirate Trainer, Plank Not Included, and Superhot VR.  Do you want us to bring a traveling VR setup to you? Don't hesitate to get in touch using our event request form