Superhot VR Tournament Winners


We spent our Friday night watching competitors duck, dodge, and return fire all over their mats. Everyone began with 5 lives in Superhot VR's endless mode, and 2 players quickly rose to the top, managing to get an exact tie of 135 kills each at the end of round 1.  After a break to catch their breath, the 2 stepped back into the headsets for another 3 lives. In the end, our reigning tournament champ, Aaron (pictured on left), claimed victory at the end of the night!

Protonwar Tournament Winners

1st:  Aaron Dooling,  2nd:  Ben Kirchner,  3rd:  Mikayla Armstrong

1st: Aaron Dooling, 2nd: Ben Kirchner, 3rd: Mikayla Armstrong

Our first multiplayer tournament was a ton of fun! Everyone got a chance to practice ahead of time, so the competition got off to a great start with players trying out their best tactics while zipping around the arena. Aaron quickly took the lead, however, and continued to stay strong while Mikayla and Ben battled it out for second and third. At the end, the players posed with their prizes and mimicked their in-game winners' pedestals, with Aaron reveling in his victory.

Protonwar Tournament - Coming Feb 2

Looking to learn more about our Protonwar tournament on February 2nd? We’ve covered the timing, free practice sessions, and rules here. Read on to discover more about the game itself.

First off, even if you’ve never experienced VR before, don’t be afraid to give our tournament a try. After all, your entry includes practice sessions all afternoon before the tournament at 7 pm, is less than the cost of a normal VR session, and has the added fun of competition.

We’ve purposely selected a game that anyone can step into and learn quickly. The objective of Protonwar is simple; if you’re familiar with video games it’s similar to Halo/Quake/any arena-style shooter. Just kill your opponents more times than they kill you, and you’ll advance to the next round.

But wait, how can you do that if you don’t know how to play? Easy - screenshots of everything you need to know are right here (and don’t forget, you can come in early to fit in some practice, included with your entry fee).

Gameplay for Protonwar

To start, identify which hand is holding the gun in the game. Then, physically swap your controllers in real life so your gun is in your dominant hand.

Now, you’re ready for the tactical basics: shoot, move, and communicate. To shoot, pull your dominant hand trigger. Sometimes you will find that instead of holding a gun in your dominant hand, you will be accidentally holding a sword! This just means that you’re out of ammunition and need to go find another gun. Or just keep swinging your sword around because it’s fun (even though it’s not the most effective weapon).

protonwar 1.png

When you need to pick up a new gun, you’ll want to move over it.  Make sure it looks realistically-colored, like this:


And is not a neon hologram, like this:

protonwar 2.png

Each gun respawns after a given period of time, and the neon color indicates that someone else has already picked it up recently.  

Locomotion in Protonwar

How do you move over the new gun to pick it up? You have two options: the more immersive option is to swipe your thumb across the touchpad, which simulates walking through the environment. But be careful - this makes some people feel a bit sick! If this is you, simply keep your thumb away from that touchpad, and pull your non-dominant hand trigger to teleport instead. A blue beam of light shoots out, and you aim this beam to where you want to go until a blue circle appears.

protonwar 3.png

Once the circle shows up, you let go of the trigger and you are instantly teleported to this location. Sometimes, it can be helpful to teleport many smaller, shorter distances instead of one larger distance so that you keep your bearings a bit better. Very few people feel VR sickness when opting for teleportation.

Some Tactical Advice

Your 10’x10’ mat allows you to move your real-life body to duck behind cover or peek around corners, and we definitely recommend taking advantage of that. Finally, you can also jump by pushing in on the touchpad. Jumping repeatedly as an opponent is shooting you is great for entertaining spectators.

In addition to weapons, as you move, you’ll find health packs, armor, and ammunition. Again, if it’s a neon holographic outline, that means it’s not available to be picked up.

protonwar 5.png
protonwar 4.png

Lastly, communication. Don’t forget that you can simply talk to and hear each other in-game. Very useful for distracting an opponent as you sneak up on them with your sword.

And that’s it - that’s all you need to know. Seems easy enough, right? Next steps: invite your friends, and then come on in on February 2nd to take your shot at winning the prizes going out to the top 3 players!