Game Highlight: Front Defense: Heroes

Game Overview

front defense.jpg

Front Defense: Heroes, from Fantahorn Studios, is set during World War II, and that atmosphere pervades the game in several senses. The maps have a very Call-of-Duty feel to them, the weapons are modeled on WWII-era ones, and when you look down, your arms are covered in a heavy cloth uniform. This shooter can be set up as a free-for-all, but it shines as a team-based game, with ample opportunities for buddy rushing opponents or combining a sniper with a close-range weapon to cover all angles. Unique movement options also allow for some interesting tactical decisions in the heat of the game, allowing you to sneak around corners with a VR-specific movement technique.


While it’s pretty easy to set up, this game is slightly more on the challenging side. It’s a good fit for players who feel comfortable with using most buttons on the controller and with moving around in their space. However, the difficulty will scale depending on the skill of the players you’re playing with, and we can set up either a private or public game.

Most Fun Moment


While the combat is of course fun, having to actually crouch to duck down into tunnels and crawl through adds a surprising level of immersion to the game. Small details like this can make a huge difference in the realism of a VR game when done well, and Front Defense does them right. As another example: pulling a pin from a grenade with your teeth is something you might see a character do in a movie, but it could easily feel gimmicky in a video game if you just had to press a button on a controller to do it. In VR though, actually putting the controller towards your mouth to pull that pin is a whole new level.

Ideal Audience

Those who enjoy Call of Duty or other war-based video games will enjoy this, of course. In general, it’s a very solid multiplayer shooter that supports large groups (up to 6 players with us). If you enjoy shooters, it’s worth a try simply due to the level of immersion you will experience.

Bottom Line

Front Defense: Heroes has quickly become a staff favorite, and we find ourselves continuously discovering great new features as we play. We expect this game to keep improving and to become one of our more popular multiplayer choices, particularly for larger parties, fairly quickly.