Game Highlight: Ocean Rift

Game overview

ocean rift.jpg

Ocean Rift, from Llyr ap Cenydd, is more of an experience than a game, and it is a very engaging one. Choose from ocean animals such as dolphins, orcas, or giant prehistoric reptiles, and you’ll be transported to an underwater exploration site with them. Propel yourself around to swim and interact with the variety of ocean life in the soothing underwater sounds. Turn on text or audio facts to learn more about the animals, or just enjoy the swim through the deepest parts of the ocean.


This game is extremely easy to get into. Because it is an open world, you simply select an animal by reaching your controller through it, and you’re instantly swimming with the eels, sharks, or turtles. An easy to access menu will let you switch environments or turn the facts on and off at any time.

Most fun moment


People like to swim with dolphins in real life, and it makes for an incredible moment in Ocean Rift as well. Pushing the touchpad while swimming with them will drop a hoop for them to do tricks with, which is fun to watch, and propelling yourself along with them is quite relaxing. If that doesn't sound quite exciting enough to you, then you’ll probably prefer hanging out in an underwater cage with a great white shark rattling the bars from only inches away.

Ideal audience

You can choose to read or listen to educational facts, or you can turn them off and just swim around

You can choose to read or listen to educational facts, or you can turn them off and just swim around

Due to its ease of use, Ocean Rift is a good choice for anyone looking for a introductory VR experience. Young kids who might have trouble manipulating controls or adults who aren’t into swinging around swords or shooting guns will enjoy the exploratory nature of Ocean Rift.

Bottom line

Ocean Rift is not going to have you spinning around wildly and getting physically involved with the game in the way that some of our options will. However, it is an excellent choice for someone who wants to see the potential of VR for exploration and education, or who is looking for a relaxing escape from reality.