Game Highlight: Pixel Arcade

Game overview

pixel arcade.jpg

Pixel Arcade, from Corrie Green, is a platformer with deceptively simple mechanics. Maneuver your way through a course of neon blocks as you climb, toss, and slide your way through each level. Even though it’s single player, it lends itself well to competition (with others or with yourself) with its built-in time trial mode. Attempting to bypass the whole level by throwing yourself directly to the end block is definitely worth a few (dozen) tries, but the heart of Pixel Arcade is in quick movements, spins, and hops from checkpoint to checkpoint.


This game scales difficulty very well. Level 1 has a built in tutorial that explains what each of the block styles do, and there aren’t so many that it’s overwhelming. The challenge in Pixel Arcade is not at all with understanding the game, but in actually beating the levels - which is exactly how an arcade game like this should work.

Most fun moment


The satisfaction of beating a difficult level - especially if you’ve had to give it several tries - is definitely the peak here. If you enjoy challenging yourself through several replays to get the steps exactly right, then you’ll want to jump into the later levels after the tutorial. We’d love to see a multiplayer mode added, because beating your friend in a race would be a great moment as well.

Ideal audience

While this game is simple enough for anyone to step into and start swinging around, it’s really intended for those who want something that’s fast moving. Though you control the speed, climbing through the neon blocks can feel disorienting if you get moving faster than you intend to. For some players, that will be a thrill of the experience, while some won’t enjoy that challenge as much. Regardless, the movement is smooth and doesn’t cause sickness in the way that other similar games with "self-throwing" movement can with some players.

Bottom line

Pixel Arcade puts you inside the game and uses room scale VR in a way that many other games don’t quite accomplish. Many players describe feeling “just like Spiderman” once they get the hang of scaling tall obstacles and sending themselves soaring off to the next one. This is a game that can easily be enjoyed as a quick experience or for a long session (which is bound to turn into quite a workout).