Racing Simulators Now Available

Our blog post is a bit early this week because we're so excited to launch our racing simulators! Bookings are live RIGHT NOW for our special Memorial Day hours beginning at noon and all normal hours after. The best part? You can get a 20% discount when booking any station or package that includes racing with the code RACEVIRTUAL (valid on spots through June 30, 2018).  

We'll try to answer all your questions below, but if you have more, don't hesitate to get in touch at

What is included?

We have 2 stations with adjustable seats, force feedback wheels, and pedals. Both stations run Project Cars 2, from Slightly Mad Studios. This game has an incredible number of customization options, including tracks, vehicles, weather conditions, types of race styles, and more. 

Do I have to understand racing rules and types to play?


No, of course not! If you do have specific requests, then we can work with you to customize what you'd like. But if you just want to hop in and race, then we have pre-set options ready. As long as you can turn the wheel and push the pedals, you'll be good to go.

Will this make me sick?


There is a slightly higher risk of VR sickness with these stations than with some of our other options. However, if you let us know, we can make adjustments that are likely to help you enjoy the session, such as camera position and increasing audio volume. We offer these on a walk-in basis, so you can just try a single race and see how it goes.

How do I book?

These stations are available on a walk-in basis: $5/single player race or $8/2 player race.