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Game Highlight: Loco Dojo

Game overview  

loco dojo.png

Take turns spinning the wheel and advance through a variety of challenges which incorporate the full range of interaction available within your virtual space. This wacky Mario-Party style series of minigames supports 1-4 players, but is best experienced with 2+ players.  Amazing graphics, quick pace, and good-natured competition make this an Augmentality Labs favorite. Developer: Make Real.


Loco Dojo is on the easier side of games to step into and get the hang of, and our staff is always there to talk you through the controls for each individual minigame. If one game is a bit too complex, the next is sure to be more straightforward, and the minigames fly by quickly.  One minute you’re smashing each other’s eggs with boxing gloves, and the next you’re dodging sharks - but everything can be explained quickly so you can get into the game.

Most fun moment

It’s hard to pick just one in a game that has barnacle whacking, “cat-a-pults” (with actual, virtual cats), and pig racing, sometimes all within a 10-minute span. However, sausage nunchucks take the prize here. Wielding them in the game to protect your piglets is oddly satisfying, and, from the outside, watching your friends whirling their arms wildly in circles never fails to be hilarious.

Ideal audience

Loco Dojo has something for everyone. This is a good choice for adult groups with mixed gaming experience, parents who want a kid-friendly multiplayer option, and corporate groups who want something to step into and pick up quickly.

Sausage nunchucks!

Sausage nunchucks!

Bottom line

Loco Dojo is a great game for anyone looking for a multiplayer VR social experience - hop in and try a couple of the minigames, or spend an hour collecting coins to secure your victory!