Multiplayer VR Games

Game Highlight: Front Defense: Heroes

Game Overview

front defense.jpg

Front Defense: Heroes, from Fantahorn Studios, is set during World War II, and that atmosphere pervades the game in several senses. The maps have a very Call-of-Duty feel to them, the weapons are modeled on WWII-era ones, and when you look down, your arms are covered in a heavy cloth uniform. This shooter can be set up as a free-for-all, but it shines as a team-based game, with ample opportunities for buddy rushing opponents or combining a sniper with a close-range weapon to cover all angles. Unique movement options also allow for some interesting tactical decisions in the heat of the game, allowing you to sneak around corners with a VR-specific movement technique.


While it’s pretty easy to set up, this game is slightly more on the challenging side. It’s a good fit for players who feel comfortable with using most buttons on the controller and with moving around in their space. However, the difficulty will scale depending on the skill of the players you’re playing with, and we can set up either a private or public game.

Most Fun Moment


While the combat is of course fun, having to actually crouch to duck down into tunnels and crawl through adds a surprising level of immersion to the game. Small details like this can make a huge difference in the realism of a VR game when done well, and Front Defense does them right. As another example: pulling a pin from a grenade with your teeth is something you might see a character do in a movie, but it could easily feel gimmicky in a video game if you just had to press a button on a controller to do it. In VR though, actually putting the controller towards your mouth to pull that pin is a whole new level.

Ideal Audience

Those who enjoy Call of Duty or other war-based video games will enjoy this, of course. In general, it’s a very solid multiplayer shooter that supports large groups (up to 6 players with us). If you enjoy shooters, it’s worth a try simply due to the level of immersion you will experience.

Bottom Line

Front Defense: Heroes has quickly become a staff favorite, and we find ourselves continuously discovering great new features as we play. We expect this game to keep improving and to become one of our more popular multiplayer choices, particularly for larger parties, fairly quickly.

Multiplayer Gaming in VR

One of our best features is the ability for players to enjoy a multiplayer experience, like Trickster VR or Loco Dojo. However, it can be a little complex for players to understand how exactly this works, especially if they’re not used to playing console or PC multiplayer games at home. Here, we’ll answer a few of the most common questions about multiplayer VR gaming with us.


The Vive's Deluxe Audio Strap is comfortable, easily adjustable, and has quality headphones built-in.

The Vive's Deluxe Audio Strap is comfortable, easily adjustable, and has quality headphones built-in.

The HTC Vive (with Deluxe Audio Strap attachment), which is the virtual reality system that we use, comes with a built-in microphone and easily adjustable headphones. This means that as soon as you are linked together in a multiplayer lobby, you will be able to hear each other and see each other’s in-game avatars. Of course, our staff are there to assist you with that multiplayer setup.

Most multiplayer games do run online, meaning that you could connect with a player anywhere else in the world. However, we specifically select only games that allow for private multiplayer lobbies, meaning that you won’t have a random person jump into your game unless you choose to open it up. We understand that if you’re out having a date night or a family outing, you might not want anyone external to the group to join in.

Co-op vs. Competitive Gaming

BAAM Squad is our newest co-op multiplayer game: a 1-4 player zombie defense scenario.

BAAM Squad is our newest co-op multiplayer game: a 1-4 player zombie defense scenario.

When it comes to selecting a game, one of the best places to start is by deciding if you’d like to compete or cooperate against a common enemy. We maintain a list that includes both options, because this really is a personal preference. However, we tend to recommend the cooperative games to groups who are mixed between self-identified gamers and non-gamers. This helps to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate without getting frustrated, because everyone can work together as they learn the controls and adjust to VR at their own pace.

Game Choices

These players are enjoying multiplayer gaming in Rec Room, which is for 2-6 players.

These players are enjoying multiplayer gaming in Rec Room, which is for 2-6 players.

In order to play multiplayer games with us, players do need to reserve at least 2 simultaneous stations. Only 1 person can use a station at any given time, though players are welcome to swap in and out of a station during their reserved time. Multiplayer games support different numbers of players: for example, Hell Dimension holds 1-2 players, while Loco Dojo is 1-4 players. Some games, like Protonwar, can hold more than 6 players. However, we note it as 1-6 players because we only have 6 stations in our venue, so you'll only be able to have 6 players from your group play at once.

On our games page, we break our list down by multiplayer and single player, so you’ll always be able to tell what your options are. We’re happy to make recommendations when you arrive, but many players like to decide ahead of time.

Game Highlight: Trickster VR

Trickster VR.jpg

Game overview

Trickster VR, from Trickster Games, is a fantasy adventure which has both single player and cooperative multiplayer modes available. Defend against waves of orcs or travel through varied campaign missions to take on hordes of challenging opponents.


While many of our players have loved it as their first VR experience, Trickster is slightly more challenging to immediately pick up than some other games due to its use of more buttons on the controllers. However, once you’re in there with friends, you’ll be able to hear each other and help each other out. If you’ve played other adventure games, you’ll likely have no trouble, and if you haven’t, then our staff is happy to give extra assistance with controls until you’re stabbing orcs like a pro.


Most fun moment

Archery often feels extremely satisfying in VR, and Trickster is no exception. Launching arrows from afar to protect your teammates who rushed headfirst into melee combat is rewarding, and the triple-shot arrow power-up is a fun bonus. If standard longbow isn’t your style, the double crossbows are a great ranged weapon backup!

Ideal audience

We’ve seen many groups enjoy Trickster: kids’ parties, family groups, bachelor parties, work events, and more. It’s a great go-to for groups who have different experience levels, because cooperative multiplayer means that more experienced players won’t make the game less fun by constantly winning. Instead, everyone gets a share of the orc-slaying. If you’re into fantasy and want to experience multiplayer VR, it will definitely be our top recommendation to you.

Bottom line

There’s a reason that Trickster has been on our game list since we opened: it’s an immediately engaging experience that takes full advantage of room-scale VR. Check it out on your own or, better yet, with friends!

Protonwar Tournament Winners

1st:  Aaron Dooling,  2nd:  Ben Kirchner,  3rd:  Mikayla Armstrong

1st: Aaron Dooling, 2nd: Ben Kirchner, 3rd: Mikayla Armstrong

Our first multiplayer tournament was a ton of fun! Everyone got a chance to practice ahead of time, so the competition got off to a great start with players trying out their best tactics while zipping around the arena. Aaron quickly took the lead, however, and continued to stay strong while Mikayla and Ben battled it out for second and third. At the end, the players posed with their prizes and mimicked their in-game winners' pedestals, with Aaron reveling in his victory.

VR team-building: sports, cooperative quests, and more!

We often get questions about how corporate team-building events work with us. Experiencing VR is sure to be a unique activity for your team! We’ll help you escape the daily grind - or, if you love work that much, you’re always welcome to play Job Simulator...

What else can we play?

We are happy to cater to your team’s needs and interests. Looking for some friendly competition in mini-games that are sure to make you laugh? Check out Loco Dojo. How about team-based paintball, but without the mess? Rec Room is for you. Or, if you prefer cooperation, Trickster VR and Drunkn Bar Fight have been favorites of many teams. These are just a few of our many games and experiences that you can choose from.  You can swap in and out of the options as much as you choose, so there’s no need to commit to one up front.

How can strapping on headsets be a social, team-building experience?

work team.JPG

Several of our game options are multiplayer, so even though only 1 person can use a headset at a time, everyone can be in a virtual world together. You can hear and see each other just like in reality - except you’ll be able to do all kinds of things that you can’t do in real life. You can work together to stop an onslaught of monsters, or compete in a giant soccer match (no running required).

Also, we usually recommend bringing more people than the number of stations that you’ve booked. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, each VR station has a TV attached so that everyone else can see what the person in-headset is seeing. It’s a lot of fun to watch your teammates dodging paintballs and throwing punches in their own world, and we have several couches, chairs, and tables so that you can relax and enjoy spectating. Second, many VR games can give you a bit of a workout! It’s nice to swap out and take breaks in between experiences. When you’re out of the headset, you can check out our retro gaming systems, because Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Mortal Kombat will never go out of style.

What if we’ve already spent our fun budget for the year?


Many work teams consider visiting us to be research! While we focus on VR gaming and entertainment experiences, VR has potential in industries far beyond that. If you don’t already use it in your workplace for education and training, long-distance communication, data visualization, or another purpose, then it’s likely coming soon. Get a headstart and come explore the technology with us.

What are my booking options?

With our variety of package options that adjust both the number of stations and the length of time, you can easily select an option that suits a group of anywhere from 4-30 players. These packages can be booked for any day of the week and any time of day. If you’d like a recommendation specific to your group, would like us to come to you instead, or have questions about booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Game Highlight: Loco Dojo

Game overview  

loco dojo.png

Take turns spinning the wheel and advance through a variety of challenges which incorporate the full range of interaction available within your virtual space. This wacky Mario-Party style series of minigames supports 1-4 players, but is best experienced with 2+ players.  Amazing graphics, quick pace, and good-natured competition make this an Augmentality Labs favorite. Developer: Make Real.


Loco Dojo is on the easier side of games to step into and get the hang of, and our staff is always there to talk you through the controls for each individual minigame. If one game is a bit too complex, the next is sure to be more straightforward, and the minigames fly by quickly.  One minute you’re smashing each other’s eggs with boxing gloves, and the next you’re dodging sharks - but everything can be explained quickly so you can get into the game.

Most fun moment

It’s hard to pick just one in a game that has barnacle whacking, “cat-a-pults” (with actual, virtual cats), and pig racing, sometimes all within a 10-minute span. However, sausage nunchucks take the prize here. Wielding them in the game to protect your piglets is oddly satisfying, and, from the outside, watching your friends whirling their arms wildly in circles never fails to be hilarious.

Ideal audience

Loco Dojo has something for everyone. This is a good choice for adult groups with mixed gaming experience, parents who want a kid-friendly multiplayer option, and corporate groups who want something to step into and pick up quickly.

Sausage nunchucks!

Sausage nunchucks!

Bottom line

Loco Dojo is a great game for anyone looking for a multiplayer VR social experience - hop in and try a couple of the minigames, or spend an hour collecting coins to secure your victory!

Protonwar Tournament - Coming Feb 2

Looking to learn more about our Protonwar tournament on February 2nd? We’ve covered the timing, free practice sessions, and rules here. Read on to discover more about the game itself.

First off, even if you’ve never experienced VR before, don’t be afraid to give our tournament a try. After all, your entry includes practice sessions all afternoon before the tournament at 7 pm, is less than the cost of a normal VR session, and has the added fun of competition.

We’ve purposely selected a game that anyone can step into and learn quickly. The objective of Protonwar is simple; if you’re familiar with video games it’s similar to Halo/Quake/any arena-style shooter. Just kill your opponents more times than they kill you, and you’ll advance to the next round.

But wait, how can you do that if you don’t know how to play? Easy - screenshots of everything you need to know are right here (and don’t forget, you can come in early to fit in some practice, included with your entry fee).

Gameplay for Protonwar

To start, identify which hand is holding the gun in the game. Then, physically swap your controllers in real life so your gun is in your dominant hand.

Now, you’re ready for the tactical basics: shoot, move, and communicate. To shoot, pull your dominant hand trigger. Sometimes you will find that instead of holding a gun in your dominant hand, you will be accidentally holding a sword! This just means that you’re out of ammunition and need to go find another gun. Or just keep swinging your sword around because it’s fun (even though it’s not the most effective weapon).

protonwar 1.png

When you need to pick up a new gun, you’ll want to move over it.  Make sure it looks realistically-colored, like this:


And is not a neon hologram, like this:

protonwar 2.png

Each gun respawns after a given period of time, and the neon color indicates that someone else has already picked it up recently.  

Locomotion in Protonwar

How do you move over the new gun to pick it up? You have two options: the more immersive option is to swipe your thumb across the touchpad, which simulates walking through the environment. But be careful - this makes some people feel a bit sick! If this is you, simply keep your thumb away from that touchpad, and pull your non-dominant hand trigger to teleport instead. A blue beam of light shoots out, and you aim this beam to where you want to go until a blue circle appears.

protonwar 3.png

Once the circle shows up, you let go of the trigger and you are instantly teleported to this location. Sometimes, it can be helpful to teleport many smaller, shorter distances instead of one larger distance so that you keep your bearings a bit better. Very few people feel VR sickness when opting for teleportation.

Some Tactical Advice

Your 10’x10’ mat allows you to move your real-life body to duck behind cover or peek around corners, and we definitely recommend taking advantage of that. Finally, you can also jump by pushing in on the touchpad. Jumping repeatedly as an opponent is shooting you is great for entertaining spectators.

In addition to weapons, as you move, you’ll find health packs, armor, and ammunition. Again, if it’s a neon holographic outline, that means it’s not available to be picked up.

protonwar 5.png
protonwar 4.png

Lastly, communication. Don’t forget that you can simply talk to and hear each other in-game. Very useful for distracting an opponent as you sneak up on them with your sword.

And that’s it - that’s all you need to know. Seems easy enough, right? Next steps: invite your friends, and then come on in on February 2nd to take your shot at winning the prizes going out to the top 3 players!