Puzzle games

Game Highlight: Conjuror's Eye

Game Overview

Conjuror’s Eye, from Escality Games, is a short puzzle game where the simple mechanism of being able to magically resize objects is used in surprising ways throughout 5 levels. It is single player, but it’s a fun one for others to watch and try to assist with solving the challenges. We’ve seen it solved in 15-20 minutes in most cases, so you’ll have time to fit it into a single session.


Our usual scale for difficulty is simply ease of use. Are the controls easy to learn? Is the interface intuitive? How hard is it to step in and just start playing? This game is a bit different: while the mechanics themselves are very easy, the puzzles can be challenging and require some patience and thinking outside the box.

Most Fun Moment

conjurors 1.jpg

As with many puzzle games, the “aha” moment that comes upon realizing the solution is quite rewarding - particularly if you’ve tried and failed a few times. The third puzzle is especially hard to solve, as it requires a sense of timing along with some analytical skill. You can always ask staff members for a hint if you need it!

Ideal Audience

Both teens and adults have enjoyed this experience. If you like puzzles and brain teasers, you'll like this, and it's a great choice for those who want something with a fantasy element that isn't filled with waves of enemies. 

Bottom Line

If you want something that's a bit unique and slower-paced, with more thinking and less physical movement, this is perfect. Even if you don’t want to spend the time to beat all the levels, solving the first couple is still fun and worth spending part of your session on.