Game Highlight: Trickster VR

Trickster VR.jpg

Game overview

Trickster VR, from Trickster Games, is a fantasy adventure which has both single player and cooperative multiplayer modes available. Defend against waves of orcs or travel through varied campaign missions to take on hordes of challenging opponents.


While many of our players have loved it as their first VR experience, Trickster is slightly more challenging to immediately pick up than some other games due to its use of more buttons on the controllers. However, once you’re in there with friends, you’ll be able to hear each other and help each other out. If you’ve played other adventure games, you’ll likely have no trouble, and if you haven’t, then our staff is happy to give extra assistance with controls until you’re stabbing orcs like a pro.


Most fun moment

Archery often feels extremely satisfying in VR, and Trickster is no exception. Launching arrows from afar to protect your teammates who rushed headfirst into melee combat is rewarding, and the triple-shot arrow power-up is a fun bonus. If standard longbow isn’t your style, the double crossbows are a great ranged weapon backup!

Ideal audience

We’ve seen many groups enjoy Trickster: kids’ parties, family groups, bachelor parties, work events, and more. It’s a great go-to for groups who have different experience levels, because cooperative multiplayer means that more experienced players won’t make the game less fun by constantly winning. Instead, everyone gets a share of the orc-slaying. If you’re into fantasy and want to experience multiplayer VR, it will definitely be our top recommendation to you.

Bottom line

There’s a reason that Trickster has been on our game list since we opened: it’s an immediately engaging experience that takes full advantage of room-scale VR. Check it out on your own or, better yet, with friends!