Unlimited Play Pass: How Does It Work?

We’ve had several questions on how our unlimited play passes work. Here, we’ll clarify some details.

When is this deal available?


It's available every Tuesday during our weekday hours of 3pm-10pm for $35.

Do I have to book it in advance?

Because we limit them to a specific number in order to ensure lots of playtime for everyone, we do highly recommend booking in advance (head here and click on “All-day pass”). The pass can only be booked in advance up to 2:59 that day. If you're still interested, you'll need to call ahead to check availability before just walking in.

What do I actually get with this deal?

With one pass, you can come in anytime between 3-10pm the day of the deal and hop onto a station. Racing and standard stations are available. You can leave and come back if you'd like. You can choose any or all games on our list to play, and we’ll be there to help you out with recommendations and controls. We’ve even been known to hop into the co-op multiplayer games and help players beat that level they’re stuck on.

Can I share?

While you can share stations when you book time-based slots, you cannot share the unlimited play pass. It’s for individual use only. If a group of players all book it together, then we can align your play times in order for you to play multiplayer games together, if you’re interested in that. Learn more about multiplayer games.  

Will I have to rotate with others who’ve bought the pass?


Possibly. However, after testing in previous months, we’ve decided to cap the passes at 2 available per station. This means that if the passes fully sell out and we cycle through 15 minute rotations, you’ll play at least 30 minutes out of each hour. If you show up before others do for the day, then you’re welcome to play for as long as you want until there’s a line or until closing. If you show up at 3 and plan to stay until 10, then you are guaranteed to get somewhere between 3.5-7 hours of play.

Can I apply membership credits towards the pass?

If you’re a member and interested in this, please contact us at info@augmentalitylabs.com for details.