Bronze Membership

All of our bronze membership packages come at over a 25% discount on our regular session prices.  Credits for additional sessions beyond your 4 that come with the package are 10% off!  

How do you gain access to these exclusive perks and discounts?  Follow these short steps:

1) First, head to our customer area and sign up for an account (it's easy, we promise)!

2) If you get an error when you try to sign up, our booking software has previously saved your email address.  Not to worry - just click "I forgot my password" and follow the instructions to create your account.

3) Once you have logged in to the customer area, select your membership option from the list.  You can begin redeeming credits immediately after purchase.

4) Keep in mind that you can redeem credits in the same time slot if you want to have more than one person play at once, but you will need to process each one separately.  Sorry about that!

Access the customer area here.