Protonwar tournament: coming feb 2

Prizes to top 3 competitors! Step inside a futuristic first-person-shooter to take down your opponents one-by-one in a fully immersive virtual environment. Don't worry if you haven't tried Protonwar yet - it's quick to learn, similar to Halo, and practice sessions come free with your $12 tournament entry. 

How does this work?

Practice rounds: Come in anytime between 3-7 pm on Friday, Feb 2 to sign up. From 3-7 pm, we will have stations dedicated to 10 minute practice rounds, included for free with your entry. Everyone will get plenty of time to practice. 

Tournament: At 7pm, we'll begin the tournament as a single-elimination style bracket of free-for-all deathmatches on random maps. Each qualifying round is 10 minutes, and the winner of each round (highest number of kills) moves forward to the finals, to be held immediately after the qualifying rounds.  


1st place: 2 free VR sessions with us ($40 value) + Gamdias Hephaestus II Stereo Lighting Gaming Headset

2nd place: 1 free VR session with us ($20 value) + Gamdias Hephaestus II Stereo Lighting Gaming Headset

3rd place: Gamdias Hephaestus II Stereo Lighting Gaming Headset


  • All participants must sign a waiver upon arrival (ages 13-17 must have a parent/guardian on-site to sign for them)
  • No participants under age 13
  • No Augmentality Labs employees will be allowed to participate
  • Participants can leave between 3-7 pm after entry, but must be back on-site by 7 pm for the tournament itself
  • While we encourage a competitive atmosphere, destructive or disruptive behavior will result in disqualification without refund at staff's discretion